Sponsored By:   Brozowski Properties - Property Management
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4th Grade Travel Team:  $280 PLUS separate $30 US Lacrosse Fee (New Players will need to buy a Uniform)

This program will be instructional with approximately two 1-1/2 hour outdoor practices per week with one game per week. 

Pre-season practices may take place on weekends in March.

Outdoor practices/games will take place on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturday afternoons at Black River in Chester, NJ beginning in early April (weather dependent) through late May, plus 1 tournament.  A game day may be substituted for a weekday practice once the season is up and running.

Lacrosse is a game that requires skilled, safe play and good teamwork learned through regular practices.  Attendance counts!! 

Lacrosse stick, mouthguard (not clear), and goggles are required to play.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer.